Our Story:
Audioloom.org is our response to the rapidly changing recording industry in a world where most musicians can’t make a full time living off of music and economic pressures have forced most musicians to give their music away for free we saw a need for a new model. One which connects the fans directly with the artists in the creative process. Allowing the fans to get more of the music they want to hear and providing the time and resources talented hardworking musicians to create their best work without financial concerns limiting their creativity.

Our Promise:
To work tirelessly to support and grow the independent music community. By providing an amazing facility, nurturing the best talent and being dedicated and responsive to our amazing network of musicians, supporters and fans.

How you can help:
Join our mailing list so you can stay up to date on all things audioloom, receive lots of great music, and help spread the word. The more members we have the less each individual member has to contribute in order for us to meet our goal!
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Audioloom is the brainchild and labor of love for Founders:
Brian Gerhard,
Greg Nichols, and
Christopher Martin Shumake.